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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It´s not true that men always think about sex...

They usually have more erotic thoughts than women but also think about other physical needs, such as eating or sleeping.
It can be the end of a stereotype, that of men think about sex all day. A group of researchers from Ohio State University has recently shown that it is true that men think about sex more often than women, but they also do it more than women with regard to other physical needs, like food or sleep. This research puts an end to the persistent idea that males of our species think of something related to sex once every seven seconds, which is equivalent to doing it about 8,000 times a day during the 16 hours that they are not asleep. The study, however, shows that men on average think about sex issues "only" about 19 ​​times a day, while women think about it about 10 times.
But the thing is not there. In general, they also think about food more times than women do(18 times a day versus 15), and think about sleep (11 times against 8). This means that men think about food as much as they think about sex.

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