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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In search of the Perfect Dad

Being a dad is not easy, especially if it is the first time. If you go through that stage, here are some tips from the experts:

Depends largely on the mother that the father takes part in raising the first child. For a man is difficult to start with this new role.

The most common thing is that he is not always at home when the baby is awake. The mother also finds it difficult to know when to engage the father and when not to.
Some dads are shy and are afraid of hurting the baby for being so small. The mother has to give her partner that confidence.

It is valuable that the father participates in parenting, as it represents a great moral support.

The father is an object of love, different from the mother, so he expands the child´s vision of the world.

Because the baby is very sensitive to the relationship between their parents, if positive,it provides a solid foundation for the child development.

Dad enriches his child's world. It helps build your ideal, create a larger world around him. It does so with his work, taking part in their games, making him aware of other forms of wholesome fun.

An excellent mutual understanding between men and women is vital, for a child perceives his reality from different perspectives. It is wrong to offer a world of only women or only men. That is to limit development.
Remember that children see their parents as heroes and that any wrongdoing, however small, disappointed them.

Fate Fairies

Original article here: http://www.elsalvador.com/noticias/2004/06/16/escenarios/esc1.asp


Jonia's cut said...

RB I showed these manips to my friend from work and she just couldn't beleved that these are not real. OMG! These with Lucas and Guy! And this one with nappy and this first one! Perfect father :)

Richardsbabe said...

Hiya Jonia! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Always happy to see you around. A big hug coming your way hun!

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