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Thursday, 12 January 2012

A heart on the wall

A Swiss woman was arrested on Jan 10 for drawing a heart and initials on the wall of the Golden Room in the magnificent Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.
The woman, aged 18, was told to stop by guards at the Alhambra but continued to finish the heart. She was then arrested and taken to Granada's police headquarters where she refused to answer questions. Later she was taken before a judge and was then released on bail after being charged with vandalism.

I´m from Granada and as I consider myself a polite person, I´m not going to say where she could have drawn that bloody heart...


Jonia's cut said...

Hello RB!!! Is so wonderful to see Your blog and Your wonderful manips!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Cant wait for more!!! Some of them are just legendary! Specially I like RA with an afro!

Richardsbabe said...

Hiya there Jonia! Great to see you around. I promise you that Richard with an afro will be posted here. Thank you for stopping by Jonia, darling!

Jonia's cut said...

YAY! Hello RB :) Just can't wait for Your new posts :) and Your manips :)

byng said...

Hi RB, I'd also love to see the afro pic, public or private viewing don't care which :)

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